Production and installation of
geosynthetic materials

Production of the Promgeoplast plant

The plant in Novosibirsk produces products only from the highest quality primary polyethylene. Geomembrane, geogrid, drainage mat and emitter tubes are made from strictly regulated raw materials. And the formulations of the compositions were developed with the participation of highly qualified specialists in the field of organic chemistry. This allows LLC "PROMGEOPLAST" to produce products with strength and wear resistance, which exceed the requirements of standards. That gives a guarantee of increased service life of objects.

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PROMGEOPLAST specialists will calculate the cost of the full scope of work, time and material consumption. They also provide design, installation and installation supervision services for hydraulic facilities.

Geomembrane installation

When buying geosynthetic materials and ordering installation, the warranty period is extended to 60 months. The work is carried out on high quality certified European equipment. All specialists have an appropriate certificate and many years of experience in installation at hydraulic facilities.

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installation of geomembrane-preview

Design of objects

PROMGEOPLAST LLC will create a project for you in compliance with standards, GOSTs and features.

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Services. designing of objects
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