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Drip irrigation tube (TEKO), drip irrigation system

Emitter tubes «TEKO» from «PromGeoPlast» company have high strength and flexibility. The improved labyrinth system is highly resistant to clogging, so your emitters last twice as long. So, with a careful attitude, the minimum service life of the emitter tube is more than 3 years.
A wide range of universal fittings for the TEKO emitter tube makes it easy to create an irrigation system of any complexity.
Available in diameters: 12, 16, 20 mm.
Tube wall thickness: 0.15 to 1.50 mm.
Emitter pitch: from 10 to 100 cm.
Emitter capacity: from 1 l/h to 13 l/h.


Types of drip irrigation tube produced

Drip irrigation system «TEKO»

The emitter tube for drip irrigation systems «TEKO» is made exclusively from primary raw materials of special grades of HDPE polyethylene.
The emitter tube is widely used in agriculture, both as an irrigation system and in the mining industry, as a heap emitter leaching system.
The TEKO emitter tube is durable and easy to use.
The emitter tube «TEKO» is divided into 2 types according to the emitters:
— flat — TEKO1: tube wall thickness 0.15-1.5 mm
— cylindrical — TEKO2: tube wall thickness 0.7-1.5 mm
Tube inner diameter: 12, 16, 20 mm.
Emitter pitch: from 10 to 100 cm.
Emitter capacity: from 1 to 13 l / h.
Tubes are resistant to UV and aggressive media: P 0.5-14.

The effect of using a drip tube

— saving time and money for watering;
— plant nutrition, supply of dissolved fertilizers through the irrigation system;
— low water consumption - only the root zone of plants is watered;
— quick and easy installation of the drip irrigation system (irrigation);
— reduction of evaporation losses due to local irrigation;
— reduces soil erosion.

Technical documentation

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TEKO certificate

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