Geogrid installation

Geogrid laying instructions

  1. Stretching a volumetric geogrid and mounting its outermost cells on the corresponding pins or anchors.
  2. The fasteners are completely driven into the ground, flush with the surface of the module cells.
  3. Stretching a volumetric geogrid down the slope to its full length.
  4. After the material is fully stretched, its outermost sections are fixed with pins, anchors or by filling with aggregate.
  5. Checking each section of the geogrid for full stretch.
  6. All edges of adjacent geogrid sections must be aligned and connected.
  7. Fixing all modules of the volumetric geogrid to each other by means of the technology described in the design documentation.
  8. Installation of additional pins or anchors inside the cells of the expanded and stretched volumetric geogrid in full compliance with the intervals specified in the documentation.
  9. It is recommended to fix the material with three to four anchors per one square meter of the geogrid. It is better to distribute them in a checkerboard pattern, hammering through one cell into the vertical edges and into each cell of the horizontal edge located on top.
  10. If the slope is so deep that one lattice module does not reach its base, another section must be attached to it.

You should start filling in the cells of the geogrid only when it is fully fixed on the slope according to the project. Filling can be done from machinery

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