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Non Woven Geotextile

Geotextile — non woven geosynthetic material is made by mechanically bonding polyester or polypropylene fibers. Needle-punched geotextiles are produced using a needle press. It passes water both in the transverse and longitudinal directions. Therefore, the main area of application of this type of geotextile is drainage systems.

It is used in the construction of roads, runways, in the laying of underground communications, in the arrangement of drainage systems. Geotextiles are also used in agriculture and horticulture. This versatile material reduces building construction costs and extends the life of structures.

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Scope of geotextile

Developers of high-tech material recommend using geotextiles in road construction, as a reinforcing and separating layer between the soil and road surfaces, in road repairs as a connecting layer between the old and new pavements, in the construction of bridges, flyovers, tunnels as protection of insulating materials, when laying foundations and foundations in civil engineering, when laying communications and protecting pipes for public works, when arranging territories, hydro-textiles will strengthen slopes and protect them from soil erosion, weeds, and will become a reliable long-term basis for paths and lawns.

The base is white, but more often the color changes due to additives that are added to obtain special properties. For example, in order for geosynthetics to tolerate sunlight better.

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