Landfills for solid waste and industrial waste

Application of geosynthetics

The landfill for solid household or industrial waste is a special structure designed for storage, storage, disposal and subsequent processing of waste.

The landfill must ensure the safety of the population, the preservation of the environment and prevent the penetration of toxic substances, brines into the ground. At landfills, the static stability of solid waste should be ensured, considering the dynamics of compaction, mineralization, gas release, the maximum load per unit area, the possibility of subsequent rational use of the site after the closure of landfills (reclamation).

The modern practice of landfill construction involves the construction of a reliable, fully sealed impervious screen with a protective layer of polymer roll material — HDPE geomembrane produced by PromGeoPlast LLC. Construction of landfills from the geomembrane «PromGeoPlast» allows you to guarantee the reliability and trouble-free operation of the landfill for solid waste and software throughout the entire service life. Geomembrane «PromGeoPlast» has a very wide range of operating parameters — operating temperature from -70 to +60 C, acid and alkaline resistance between 0.5 <ph <14, high tensile strength — over 27 MPa, elongation at break over 700% , high puncture resistance (on average 10% higher than world requirements), which allows to perceive subsidence and movements of the base soil, to withstand dynamic loads during the construction and operation of the landfill. When using the geomembrane «PromGeoPlast» HDPE (HDPE), sealed welds are arranged between the rolls, ensuring the strength of at least 80% of the strength of the material. The absolute tightness of the joint over the entire area of ​​the anti-seepage screen guarantees the non-penetration of brines into the soils of the base, groundwater, etc. The device uses a geomembrane «PromGeoPlast» HDPE (HDPE) with a thickness of 1.5 to 3.0 mm in a smooth and textured design.

Reclamation of landfills for solid waste and waste products is overlapping the surface of the landfill from the penetration of precipitation, protection from swelling of waste, etc. The polygon is covered with a geomembrane, laid on a protective layer of sand, soil or combined with the use of geotextile products. Usually the geomembrane «PromGeoPlast» 1.0-1.5 mm is used in a smooth or textured design.


  • snow melting and snow plows;

  • reclamation of landfills;

  • landfills and sarcophagi.

The effect of using geosynthetics

- soil reinforcement to increase the stability of the roadbed;
- complete waterproofing;
- operating temperature from -70 to +70 С °
- increasing the service life of the facility;
- chemical resistance pH = 0.5-14;
- the material is non-toxic.

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