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Smooth Geomembrane «PromGeoPlast»

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) geomembrane liners are the preferred product for lining projects.  HDPE liners are resistant to many different solvents and are the most widely used geomembrane liner in the world. Although HDPE geomembrane is less flexible than LLDPE, it provides higher specific strength and can withstand higher temperatures.  Its exceptional chemical and ultraviolet resistance properties make it an extremely cost-effective product.

LLDPE geomembrane is manufactured from virgin polyethylene resins, offering great flexibility and outstanding resistance to low temperature and ultraviolet exposure. High-quality and economical, it is intended for long life and exhibits a high degree of strength and durability.

synthetic polymers in sheets ranging from 0.5-4.0 mm thick

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Physical and mechanical characteristics

Options Geomembrane PromGeoPlast (HDPE) smooth, minimum requirements
Chemical resistance 0,5<ph<14
Elongation at break, not less (elongation), % 700
Tensile strength, kN / m Thick 0,5 mm 13
Thick 1,0 mm 27
Thick 1,5 mm 40
Thick 2,0 mm 53
Thick 2,5 mm 67
Thick 3,0 mm 80
Elongation at elongation, not less (relative elongation), % 12
Tensile yield stress, kN / m Thick 0,5 mm 7
Thick 1,0 mm 15
Thick 1,5 mm 22
Thick 2,0 mm 29
Thick 2,5 mm 37
Thick 3,0 mm 44
Puncture strength, N Thick 0,5 mm 160
Thick 1,0 mm 320
Thick 1,5 mm 480
Thick 2,0 mm 640
Thick 2,5 mm 800
Thick 3,0 mm 960
Roughness height, mm 0
Oxidation stability, min 100
Flexibility in negative temperatures, C° -70
Water permeability, water absorption 0
Standard service life, year 50

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