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Production of LLC "Promgeoplast"

LLC «PROMGEOPLAST» is the most modern and innovative production of geosynthetic materials. The technologies used in production are unique and surpass all existing analogues.


There are several geomembrane production lines in production. For 9 years we have produced over 100,000,000 m² of geomembranes. On average, 60,000 m² of geomembranes shipped from our plant every day.

We constructed the newest geomembrane production line in 2018. Its fundamental characteristics: Line width over six meters; Production speed over 30 tons per day.

geomembrane production line

Geogrid production takes place in 2 stages. The first stage is the production of the belts themselves for future products. And at the second stage, on another line, it welded together them.

Since we made all the equipment to order, thanks to the unique settings, we got the material with increased strength of the welded joints. That provides reliable and high-quality support for the slope.

geogrid welding line

The drainage mat production line includes several units. The main line for the production of the main layer is «1D MAT». This is a three-dimensional mesh with a diamond-shaped arrangement of polymer rods in three planes.

The further use of lines for connecting geotextiles and geomembranes depends on what type of drainage mat is needed.

drainage mat

We carried the production of the drip irrigation tube out in 2 stages. Emitters manufactured on a mold from primary raw materials, then on another line, also from primary raw materials, but with the addition of a dye with a stabilizer, we produce a drip irrigation tube, already with an emitter.

The choice of the emitter depends on the need for irrigation of the irrigated area. If it is necessary to supply water at a distance, it is possible to produce a tube without emitters.