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Volumetric geogrid (geocell polymer material)


Types of manufactured volumetric geogrid

A wide range of grid heights and mesh widths will allow you to choose the optimal solution for your tasks. Lattice width 6 meters (folded). The ability to combine up to 70 strips (tapes) will cover large areas, up to 30 square meters with one module. The sheet thickness up to 2 mm and the method of ultrasonic spot welding will make it possible to withstand more than 4 tons per square meter.
Manufactured from the same material as HDPE Geomembrane. During production, sheets of textured membrane are cut into strips and welded together by ultrasonic spot welding.
It is produced in two types:
— punching — with drainage holes in the body of the sheets (perforated).
— one piece — without drain holes (not perforation).

geogrid with drainage

The effect of using a volumetric geogrid

— savings on traditional waterproofing materials up to 30%;
— the durability of the structure, the material retains its physical and mechanical properties for many years of operation;
— simplicity and high speed of installation;
— creation of a stabilized structure on the slope parts of the roadbed and geo-structures in order to fix the filler material;
— obtaining a load-bearing volumetric layer reinforced with a geogrid in the structure of the pavement, allowing for the passage of heavy vehicles to hard-to-reach places.

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